March Newsletter

Welcome to March! It is hard to believe that spring is just around the corner already. There are some important notes:


  • 5 Mondays and Tuesdays: I want to remind those attending classes on Mondays and Tuesdays that there are 5 classes this month and therefore the fees for the month are higher.
  • Rayna’s Party: Thank you all who attended and/or participated in Stormy’s (Rayna’s) retirement party. It was a success and she enjoyed it thoroughly!
  • Spring Break: Please remember that we do NOT take off classes for Spring Break because the various school systems have different weeks for Spring Break and therefore we would have to take off half of the month to accommodate them all.
  • Website: I am in the process of totally revamping our website to make it more informative, look better, and easier to navigate. We hope to soon have it where people can submit photos, have articles related to gymnastics, fitness, and youth, and other relevant information. Please take a look at it if you get a chance. We are also working to get our Facebook page going again.
  • Battle Rock Clinic: I want to remind the Friday classes that the Battle Rock clinic is March 13 this month, so there will be classes this coming Friday. The April clinic will be April 3, and the next one will be May 1.
  • Randy Gone: I will be leaving this Wednesday (March 4) to take a group of students to a Music Fest up in Loveland, CO. and will be coming back on Sunday. We will still have all our classes except Wednesday Open Gyms and Team, but I will not be there.
  • No Team classes or Open Gyms this week because Randy will be gone. (See above.)
  • Cortez Youth Activity Center: For 6 years I have been working on trying to start a youth activity center here in Cortez. Last Monday we officially organized the Cortez Youth Activity Center organization (CYAC). In a brief summary, this organization will attempt to build a center to house and organize activities for our youth in one, convenient, safe location. It would offer programs from gymnastics to martial arts and dance, to drama, soccer, football, and baseball. It has been proposed to have a trampoline and Parkour park and even miniature golf has been suggested. We are looking for the following people/groups:
    • Investors
    • People interested in helping with grant writing, fund raising, PR, or helping to promote the program in other ways
    • Programs such as dance, martial arts, day care, drama, etc. that might be interested in having their program be in our facility.

If you are interested in one of these areas or if you would like more information about the program, please contact me at or call me at 970-570-1705. I hope to have a website with more information up soon.

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