Updated Attendance Policy

Please read carefully because our policy has changed. It becomes effective October 1, 2019

All Gymnastics Classes are Enrollment Based:

No more drop-in classes, make-up classes, or "attend whatever class I feel like attending"

That means when a student signs up for a class, that is the day/time/class for which the participant is enrolled. They are enrolled for an entire month at a time.

They will be charged at the beginning of the month for the entire month.

That is the class they are expected to attend. Each additional class they attend will be considered an additional class enrollment and will be billed accordingly.

If a child is dropping the class, we must be notified via email BEFORE the beginning of the month when the student will be dropping the class . If the student drops a class in the middle of a month, they will still be charged for the remainder of the month.

Practices that are No Longer Accepted


The only drop-ins we will allow will be the Wednesday Open Gyms. (We have both Preschool and older open gym classes.) These will also serve as trial classes to see if a student is interested/ready to be in a class.

Pay By the Week:

Payment for classes is expect at the beginning of each month for the entire month. The only Pay-By-The-Week exception will be for those who come from long distances (such as Moab or Pagosa Springs) and cannot make it in bad weather or for other specially arranged cases.


The student is enrolled for a specific class at a specific time on a specific day. They will not be allowed to attend just any class they decide to attend. If they do, it will result in enrollment in the other class as well and will be charged accordingly.

Make-up Classes

Make-up Classes: Very few people were doing make-up classes, anyway, but were instead doing class-hopping (see above). This resulted in confusion and less than ideal instruction because there was no consistency in the class attendance. If students miss classes, they may make them up at Open Gyms, but they must inform the instructor at the beginning of the class and specify the date and the class for which they are making up.

Reasons for the policy change

  • To Maximize Learning Progression: We want students to attend the same class with the same instructors and the same students on a regular bases so we can maximize the learning that takes place in our classes. If a student is not there consistently or we are constantly having new students dropping into a class, it is hard to build from week to week and all the students suffer.
  • Safety: If students aren’t present for a class when we introduce or discuss a new skill or drill, they may injure themselves. They also need the repetition to gain the strength and body awareness they need to safely master the skill.
  • Staffing: We schedule our coaches based on the enrollment of the class. If students skip classes in which they are enrolled and attend classes in which they are NOT enrolled, we end up with classes for which we have too many instructors on one day and overcrowded, dangerous classes on another day. Also, if students miss a class, I still have to pay my coaches.