ATC Gymnastics

"Finding the talent in the athlete, not the athletes with the talent."

What is the CYAC?

The Cortez Youth Activity Center (CYAC) committee is an organization founded by Randy Quillin to endeavor to build a central building to house a large variety of activities and programs for the youth of Cortez and neighboring communities. It would offer a single secure location for convenience and security. It would be similar in many ways to the Recreation Center except it would be designed specifically for youth programing.

Why is it needed?

Lack of year-round youth programs

ATC Gymnastics is the only year-round youth activity in Cortez. We have many seasonal programs, but no other that run year-round.

Inconvenience of transportation

Parents have to drop one child off at one end of town for an activity and then go to the other end of town for another activity. Having one central location for multiple activities would be beneficial. For example, one child could do dance while another does martial arts while another does gymnastics, all at one place. And while one or more are waiting for their particular class, they could be playing at the trampoline park, doing the climbing wall, or playing miniature golf.

Hard to start youth program

It takes a long time for the average program to get firmly established. Some of the factors are:

  • Trying to find an adequate building at a price the program can afford starting off.
  • Getting the word out. It is expensive to advertise in the newspaper or on the radio. Especially if you are new to the area, it is hard to get the word out.
  • It takes a while for people to develop trust in a new program.

The CYAC could help with all of these by:

  • Providing spaces that programs can rent for a reasonable rate until they can afford a place of their own.
  • Being a clearinghouse for youth programs in the area, new programs will have an avenue for advertising their services.
  • The CYAC will vet the programs before they begin and offer the instructors helps to ensure the success of the new programs. This process will help to build the confidence in the potential clients.

Hard for people in outlying towns

People from places like Dove Creek, Monticello, and Blanding come to Cortez regularly to do their shopping, but usually cannot get their children involved in youth programs because they live too far away. But if there is a single facility offering all sorts of programs for their kids all at the same time, they can drop the kids off, do their shopping, and then pick the kids up when they are done. Not only will this be more convenient for them, but it will also help encourage them to come to town more often and thus help with the local economy.

Convenient place to find out about all programs in Cortez

CYAC will be a clearinghouse for the various activities going on in Cortez. It will compile a list of all the programs available—both at the CYAC location and those held elsewhere—so parents can be informed of ALL the options available for their children. This will benefit the children as well as potentially boost the awareness for all the programs

Programs for those not able to pay for expensive classes

As a non-profit organization, we will endeavor to find grants and sponsors for children who need to be involved in programs but cannot afford it. There are also possibilities of having memberships that will include 1 or more classes included in that membership